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What is discrimination?

Failure to make reasonable adjustments is when you need a reasonable adjustment so you are not at a 'substantial disadvantage', but the adjustment has not been made. The duty to make reasonable adjustments covers the way things are done, a physical feature (such as steps to a building), or the absence of an auxiliary aid or service (such as an induction loop or an interpreter). 

Assisted Hearing

What does 'disabled' mean in the Equality Act?

'Disabled person' has a specific legal meaning under the Equality Act, which may be different from the way that you see yourself.

The Equality Act defines disability as:

'A physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long term adverse effect on your ability to carry out normal day to day activities'.

For people with hearing loss, that would include difficulty hearing and understanding another person speaking clearly over the voice telephone (when the telephone is not affected by bad reception), and difficulty understanding or following simple verbal instructions.