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Boardroom and Meeting Room Design


We have years of experience in listening  to the needs of our clients, designing and delivering beyond expectations executive boardrooms, general meeting rooms and huddle spaces.

We can integrate all AV electronics within the room or furniture even remote them to wherever is convenient, from before even entering the room you can be assured that all will be waiting, ready for you to just sit down.

With smart room design, your boardroom or meeting room space can even be climate controlled ensuring you maximum energy efficiency, blinds or curtains opened or closed to the days weather reducing your building HVAC, projectors, monitors already on and waiting for use, video conferencing ready and waiting for your arrival. Automatic shut down if no-one turns up, intelligent lighting dimming down if no movement is detected.

Your room can be fully furnished by AVworx from small office construction to window coverings, carpeting, painting and all furniture from bespoke video wall casings to office chairs and designer one off tables that will give you the wow factor.  

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