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Digital Signage and IPTV

Digital signage is all around us, from huge bill boards to way finding displays, AVworx will deliver all.

From one off displays to multiple, through office floors, building campus or world wide offices, locally managed or managed from the cloud. Make real time changes to reflect your market needs from easy access smart devices such as you smart phone or tablet. 

Distribute anything from audio to 4K content, RSS feeds, web pages, Jpegs, Mpegs, video clips. Integrate into your fire alarm system providing staff and visitors an audio and visual indication to the quickest and safest route out. Update staff on day to day internal news feeds or statistics or anything that you need to push out, target areas or groups easily and simply. 

Keep your staff happy and informed through IPTV, We can design a solution and specify products that capture and encode your content and that allow you to store vital media assets for redistribution with video on demand as well as with wireless live streaming. Products that enable the display of all your media messages and information onto any kind of screen, tablet or phone.