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Integrated AV Solutions

AVworx specialises in integrating audio visual systems into all commercial environments including corporate, public, retail and educational. Audio visual integrated solutions improve the effectiveness of day to day communications for all, with a range of applications including video conferencing suites, breakout and meeting rooms, bespoke boardrooms and auditoriums including lecture theatres.

Integrated audio visual solutions range from huddle spaces to simple meeting rooms with simple presentation equipment integrated with a video conferencing system, this could be your video client which you use every day on your laptop, to a corporate boardroom integrated with state-of-the-art communications systems and multi party multi types of video conferencing (this excludes vendor propriety applications such as facetime) controlled by a simple to use programmable touch panel control that could also manage lighting, blinds and room environment.

AVworx specialises in designing and building integrated audio visual solutions tailored to your specific needs working to what your budget allows. AVworx will advise on all the latest AV technology to ensure that you achieve the right integrated solution that is easy for users to operate. AV technology has become increasingly complex with many different models, specifications and standards to choose from. AVworx only works with market leading manufacturers so you can make the right choice for your room or environment, rest assured your ROI will come with reliability and service thats second to none.

AVworx integrated approach to communications has helped many high profile companies and public sector organisations throughout the UK. By working directly with the client, main contractor or consultant, AVworx in-house Project Managers ensure installations are installed, programmed and commissioned to the highest standards.

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