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Projector Lamp Program

AVworx bespoke lamp program can eliminate the hassle of procuring, storing and purchasing projector lamps. Our program's annual contract can lock in your lamp price, ensure there is a lamp on our shelf ready to ship to you, start the warranty on the day we install the lamp and let us handle the recycling.

Projector & Display Calibration

Get the best image quality from your projectors. A professional projector calibration will include adjustments for the widest luminance dynamic range, accurate settings for the three primary colors, and calibration to a specific color temperature. It is recommended that a projector calibration is performed each time a new lamp is installed.

Projector Lamp Replacement

Projectors need to be up and running when you need them, and the most frequent reason for failure is a faulty or broken lamp. AVworx offers a suite of services to ensure that your lamp replacement process is hassle-free, cost effective and sources only quality lamps